INNOVADE is an SME based in Cyprus, with a team of professionals with several years of experience in strategic visioning, business development, social entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, and academic industries. Its project experiences and academic influences span the globe. Its goal is to assist clients to define and attain their Strategic Goals and achieve their operational objectives by providing unparallel level of expert support.

    InnovADE works with organizations to help them streamline technological advancements and productivity tools into their processes to ensure that they improve performance, and increase their productivity and profitability. The InnovADE team has a positive outlook in formulating and solving problems, a passion and the commitment to clients, and its expertise, experience, and knowledge are the driving forces behind its business philosophy. The combination of these values is what differentiates InnovADE from the multitude of other organizations.

    InnovADE is specializing in various solutions, based on its strategic direction and supported by resident expertise. Some of the areas of strength are: ICT integration, Innovation Infusion, Strategic Development, Project Management, Expert Opinion Services, Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Evaluation.

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    “Four ELEMENTS is a Non-Profit Organization and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Athens and Thessaloniki area. Four ELEMENTS established in 2008 and is an innovative and pioneering Greek organization, with international cooperation and activity. Four ELEMENTS acts primarily on prevention, information, planning, evaluation, submission and preparation of studies and sensitization actions in the field of environment, health, welfare, culture, human resources development, R & D etc. Recent actions carried out by the company are actions regarding prevention of Web risks and dangers to school children, distribution of informative material, ad hoc consulting at homes of parents etc. Four ELEMENTS has great experience and is intending to play a major role in the future in awareness campaigns and assistance in various areas, organizing workshops and other events (for alcohol, smoking, risks at work etc) and the advisory and support to people with disabilities. Purpose is to solve people problems, awakening of social consciousness and awareness both in Greece and worldwide.”

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  • CATRO Bulgaria

    CATRO Bulgaria is part of the leading Austrian consultancy company for human resource management – CATRO Personalberatung. Thanks to our partners – the consulting company for lifelong learning, education and training , dieBerater® – and the market research MAKAM Research, we are able to draw on the expertise and knowledge of specialists with international experience and to deliver cutting-edge know-how in all areas related to human resources management and development.

    Our four expertize areas in Bulgaria are:

    • Search and Selection of high qualified professionals and executives in various economic sectors, incl. career counseling programmes;
    • Training and Development of employees’ potential through tailor-made solutions, incl. individual and team coaching;
    • Organizational consultancy for HR process optimization, performance improvement and higher employees’ motivation and engagement;
    • EU project consultancy, incl. research, preparation and implementation of EU funded projects in different fields: education and training, entrepreneurship and innovation, competitiveness etc.

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  • CSC

    CSC was founded in 1952, and is born from the experience and work of Danilo Dolci in Sicily. It is a non-profit organization that works successfully with different profiles of target groups from young people to businesses or older people.

    It has operated for more than ten years in the educational sector in collaboration with schools, universities, institutions, associations and social groups both at local and at international level.

    Goals include
    • Work with towards inclusion with disadvantage groups; Promote inclusion; Innovate education;
    • Promote the territory development through grassroots activities;
    • Encouraging the intercultural dialogue;
    • Inform about the life and work of Danilo Dolci.


    • Development of innovative educational methods;
    • EU + local initiatives focussing on active citizenship, social inclusion and innovation in society;
    • Maieutic laboratories in schools, universities etc;
    • TC on RMA;
    • Activities promoting Dolci's life;

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  • Fundação da Juventude

    The Fundação da Juventude, Portuguese Youth Foundation, is a private institution of public interest, nonprofit, focused on promote the integration of young people into active and professional life.

    By notarial deed was created on September 25, 1989, with the support of 21 public and private institutions, and declared public utility institution in March 1990.

    Nationwide, the Foundation has headquarters in the city of Porto and a delegation in Lisbon.

    Strategic Vectors
    • Vocational Training
    • Employment and Entrepreneurship
    • Citizenship and Volunteering
    • Creativity and Innovation
    • Science and Technology

    These Vectors guide all our projects, activities and actions.

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  • Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia

    Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia is an organisation which has been leading, co-ordinating and connecting development projects of the area since 2000. The team of the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia, in cooperation with numerous local, regional, national and European partners, realizes projects to enhance the life quality of people in the region. They are included into international partnership network with 230 organisations from 33 countries.

    The team of the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia at its work considers the needs of the local environment all the time. To realize this, it organizes, leads and coordinates networks, like the network of communities and municipalities, the network of tourist bidders, network of kindergartens and schools, the network of farmers, the network of craftsmen, the network of entrepreneurs.

    By operating in network it has been increasing competences of local bidders of various products and services, as well as their power of self-organizing. Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia has so far participated at 28 international projects being run in 15 transnational programmes.

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