The main objective of the STEER project is to unlock and utilize the potential of youth work in facilitating the transition from education to employment among young people experiencing unemployment and NEETs. This will be achieved by training youth workers on how to develop and deliver comprehensive and tailor made transition planning to the target group.

More specifically, the objective of the STEER project is to design, develop, deliver and test a comprehensive training programme for youth workers in transition planning. Trained youth workers will utilize their training to support the transition from education to employment for NEETs and young unemployed. More specifically STEER will involve:

  1. The design and development of a youth workers’ training programme that will include modules such as: skills for the future labour market, transition planning, psychological mentoring, developing life management and social skills, developing soft and transferable skills and provision of career guidance and counselling among others.
  2. Delivering a series of train the trainers seminars through blended learning, in each participant country, to at least 180 youth workers.
  3. Testing the effectiveness of the STEER training programme in pilot actions that will involve the trained youth workers providing transition support to at least 900 NEETs and young unemployed within a four months span.