The STEER e-training platform will be used as a virtual learning environment where users will be able to find the online modules, participate in learning activities, use assessment tools to evaluate their performance and communicate with other learners and instructors. The design and development of the STEER e-training platform will be based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, so that its open teaching material is accessible to both disabled learners and education professionals. Open access technical constraints as well as high performance requirements imposed by the transnational character of the project will be addressed.

A variety of online interactive tools will be developed in order to facilitate the learning process and to promote social networking and information sharing among target groups and stakeholders. The online educational and collaborative tools will be integrated in the online platform of the project and be available to all registered users. The final selection of the tools will be concluded after an extensive review, in order to ensure the selected tools will be beneficial in the project context.

Following its launch, the STEER e-training platform and website will be continuously monitored and updated throughout the duration of the project. The platform and website will be maintained in a functional mode for at least 5 years after the end of the project. This process will involve updating the platform core and plugins, uploading new learning material, ensuring the smooth operation of the platform and performing updates and fixes when necessary. In addition, visitors will be able to contact the Help Desk via email for any technical issues they might face. A dedicated support team will be in charge of managing the Help Desk and respond to queries based on availability and urgency.

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