The first seminar took place in the facilities of Four Elements on 29th of June. The number of participants were 17, including youth workers, VET providers and representatives of organizations. The objectives of the seminar were:

  • To present the phenomenon of NEETs in Greece.
  • To demonstrate the definition and significance of mentoring concerning the integration in labor market.
  • To analyze how consulting can contribute to effective integration of young unemployed.
  • To search the main skills and knowledge that young people need in order to be integrated, through a workshop.

After completing the seminar, all attendants received a certificate of participation as well as they had the chance to network and exchange opinions. Some of the testimonials from attendees were:

  • "I gained so much knowledge from this seminar and it has already made a difference to the way we can contribute to the enhancement of young unemployment."
  • "A thoroughly interesting seminar which gave an excellent overview of all aspects of young unemployed people and NEETs."